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Reorganization Plans Filed for SMCS and Springfield Hospital

Springfield Medical Care Systems and Springfield Hospital (the Company) filed a reorganization plan under Chapter 11 of the U. S. Bankruptcy code with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court District of Vermont on Friday, September 18th, 2020. The Company commenced voluntary restructuring under Chapter 11 of the U. S. Bankruptcy code on June 26, 2019. This filing […]

SMCS and Springfield Hospital Request Access to PPP Funding

Springfield Medical Care Systems and Springfield Hospital applied for federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funding -‑ a forgivable funding program introduced by the recent coronavirus stimulus bill. The program, originally created by the CARES Act, is administered through the Small Business Association and offers funding to employers with 500 or fewer employees. Amounts can be […]

SMCS and Springfield Hospital – Strengthening Ties & Local Access

Springfield Medical Care Systems (SMCS) and Springfield Hospital have an excellent working relationship that has served our communities well in the past; and the collaboration is expected to continue well into the future. The SMCS health center network is an anchor in our local communities, as a valued healthcare provider as well as an economic […]

Springfield Hospital is Open For Business — as it Has Been for Over 105 Years

Recently, I had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of a man who, upon my introduction as Interim CEO at Springfield Hospital, advised me he heard Springfield Hospital is closing. His comment raised my awareness that the recent negative publicity around Springfield Hospital’s financial challenges has led some, and perhaps many, to believe that our […]

Information Update Regarding Patients’ Refund Checks

Springfield Medical Care Systems (“SMCS”) and Springfield Hospital are receiving inquiries regarding checks not being honored by some of our local banks.   SMCS and Springfield Hospital filed for chapter 11 reorganization on June 26th.  As part of that reorganization process, the Bankruptcy Code mandates a hold on any checks issued prior to June 26th, […]

Keeping Health Care Accessible in Rural Vermont

By Mike Halstead, Interim Chief Executive Officer, Springfield Hospital Published in Valley News, 6-27-19 Rural living in Vermont is famous for its vibrant communities and remarkable people.  Essential to preserving the character of Vermont’s rural towns is access to local, high-quality health care. Hospitals and medical practices, like schools, are vital to the health and […]

SMCS and Springfield Hospital File Chapter 11 – Reorganization .

On June 26, 2019, Springfield Medical Care Systems (SMCS) and Springfield Hospital (SH) filed for Chapter 11 – Reorganization. The hospital and health centers will remain open and operating as usual while the organizations work through the reorganization process, which is expected to last up to 12 months, but can be shorter or longer depending […]

Community Health Needs Assessment – Please Respond by July 9th

The 2019 community health needs assessment survey is your chance to influence our organizational goals for the next three years. We are working in collaboration with many area community partners, including: Chester/Andover Family Center Edgar May Health & Recreation Center Greater Falls Connections Health Care & Rehabilitation Services (HCRS) Neighborhood Connections OneCare VT Southeastern Vermont […]

BlueWater Emergency Partners Begins April 9th

Springfield Hospital’s contract with BlueWater Emergency Partners of Brunswick, Maine, begins April 9th, 2019. This new contract, first announced last November, ensures access to a vital community service and provides the Emergency Department with a board-certified doctor, nurse practitioners and physician assistants working alongside the experienced nurses on site at Springfield Hospital 24/7. Superior clinical […]

Springfield Hospital and Brattleboro Hospital Announce Collaborative Efforts For Childbirth Services

We recently announced changes to our Women’s Health Services program. These changes include closure of the Childbirth Center at Springfield Hospital. Springfield Hospital staff is working with expectant mothers to help them make other arrangements. A full range of gynecological services will continue to be offered at The Women’s Health Center of Springfield, including office […]

Josh Dufresne, MBA
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Mike Halstead

Mike Halstead, MBA
Interim CEO
Springfield Hospital