Leaves of Change!


As the leaves change and the temperatures fall we find ourselves thinking about the winter ahead of us.  Springfield Medical Care Systems, Inc. (SMCS) will be offering Flu Clinics throughout the next few weeks.  Please ensure you’re following us on Instagram and Facebook to see our Flu Clinic times and locations.

SMCS, a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), is undergoing some changes to better serve our community over the next many months.  SMCS will be expanding our dental space in Chester Vermont.  This new renovation will expand our dental office by four more dental chairs.  We are very excited to begin this long awaited renovation, and without help from the Holt Foundation and the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) it would not be possible.

SMCS will also be adding a fully functional mobile health center.  This mobile heath center will allow SMCS to provide clinics at employers, community events, or local areas of immediate need.  The mobile health center was paid for by a grant from HRSA this past year, and is currently in production.

Lastly, SMCS will be making a large announcement regarding a new name.  This new name will help identify our system as a multi-site FQHC with locations in both Vermont and New Hampshire.  The changes we are making at SMCS are centered around patient and employee satisfaction.  It’s our privilege to serve our patients and we are truly honored to have so many wonderful employees.

Stay-tuned for more information!

Warmest Regards,

Joshua R. Dufresne, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Springfield Medical Care Systems, Inc.