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Happy FamilyWhen you receive your care at one of our community health centers, you gain access to a wide range of integrated health care services that are available to you through your “medical home.” This is especially helpful if you need assistance managing a chronic health condition.

Through your Community Health Team (CHT), you now have a variety of skilled health care professionals available to assist you with the tools and support you need to reach your personal health goals. Based on your individual needs, they work with you to assess your situation, develop plans, and establish attainable goals that move you in the right direction, one step at a time.

Who is the Community Health Team?

The team includes locally-based, skilled professionals that represent a wide variety of services. Whether you need chronic disease management, health education for a number of chronic health conditions including diabetes, cardiac health, weight management, medication management, diet and nutrition counseling, social or behavioral health counseling, or a range of other services, a CHT member can help you throughout the process.

In addition to your overall health needs, our CHT Coordinator can help you in many other areas, including: financial, insurance, emotional, educational, transportation and/or physical assistance. Call our Community Health Team for assistance – 802-886-8998.

Your Personal Clinical Care Coordinator.

The medical home where you see your primary care provider also has a clinical care coordinator that works in that local office. This person is your first contact and coordinates details and referrals for education and community services, helps you complete forms and applications, arranges home and telephone follow-up care, helps with medication reconciliation and follows up with you if you are having difficulty meeting scheduled appointments.

Tom Dougherty, MPH
Blueprint Project Manager

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Your Health Partner is Here to Help You.

We invite you to think of CHT members as close friends and partners that bring together a number of community resources to help find solutions that meet your needs.

Who Can Refer to the Health Team?
Anyone. Clinical care coordinators and case managers are likely to be the primary source of most referrals, although the CHT is available to assist anyone who can benefit from their services.

Who Should be Referred to CHT for Help?
The CHT is here to offer free assistance to help anyone who has multiple needs and could benefit from the help of a team to guide and support them toward optimal health and well-being.