Financial Assistance FAQ

If I schedule an appointment for assistance with an Eligibility Assistance Coordinator, what should I bring with me?

Please arrive at your appointment with:
• Photo identification card
• Medicaid coverage denial letter

Additionally, you will need the following income verification documents:
1. A complete copy of your most recent income tax return or any other tax return on which you are claimed as a dependent.
2. If you own a business, business taxes and the last three consecutive months ledgers.
3. Please be sure to include a copy of your schedule C.
4. A copy of one month’s recent pay stubs for all employers.
5. A statement of unemployment benefits for all
household members receiving benefits.
6. A statement of any cash assistance from the state
in which you live.
7. A statement of Social Security benefits for all
household members receiving benefits.
8. A Workers Compensation Benefit statement.
9. SMCS requires that you apply for and enroll in
Medicaid or health insurance offered through your
state insurance marketplace, or present a letter of
10. SMCS requires two recent, consecutive monthly
bank statements for each account held by a person
applying on the application (savings, checking, etc.)
11. You must sign your application

Can I apply for my whole household?
Yes, as long as all income information is supplied, all household members can be considered for assistance.
If you wish to apply for assistance for your household, all income verification documentation should be for your entire household.

How long does it take to have my assistance approved?
This is dependent upon what you are applying for and assumes that you have provided all required documentation.

Why do you need income information and is it confidential?
Absolutely. All information is kept confidential!
The information is necessary to determine your
eligibility for different types of assistance—all of which have financial eligibility guidelines. Different financial assistance information may be required from different programs (E.g. Springfield Medical Care Systems (SMCS) financial assistance, Vermont State health insurance programs, pharmacy assistance programs).

SMCS Financial Assistance Program:
If you are applying for SMCS financial assistance and you do so through a face-to-face appointment, your application may be reviewed and an eligibility determination made the day of your scheduled appointment. If your application is mailed in or must be forwarded to a reviewer, your application will be reviewed in the order in which the reviewer receives it. We make every attempt to review your application within 30 days. However, please understand we have a high volume of mail-in applications. If you wish to expedite your application, we highly recommend an appointment. To schedule an appointment please call SMCS at 802-886-8959 ext. 1506, or Valley Health Connections at 802-885-1616.

If you are awaiting an eligibility determination and are receiving bills from Springfield Medical Care Systems or Springfield Hospital, you must notify us of those accounts so that we may put them on hold during the processing period.

State of Vermont Health Insurance Programs:
Valley Health Connections has certified navigators that can assist you in applying for insurance through the State of Vermont Health Exchange. Please call 802-885-1616 for assistance.

Please note that if all of the requested documentation is not received with your application, your application will be returned to you.