Lifestyle Medicine

Live Each Day The Healthy Way!

Did you know…
• Nearly 20% of adults have a strong sense of purpose and are fully satisfied with their lives;

• Less than 10% strongly believe their lives are ideal; and,

• Less than 5% of adults engage in the healthy behaviors that prevent diabetes, heart disease and obesity?  (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Most of us need help to thrive and work toward our healthy potential.

When we hear the word “health”, we may think about weight, diet and exercise habits — and the feedback from our primary care clinician. Yet, living a healthier lifestyle doesn’t just boil down to a number on a scale, how many vegetables are consumed, or a number given by a clinician.

There are many avenues we can take beyond that visit to improve our overall health and wellness.

SMCS and The Edgar May Health and Recreation Center are excited to offer a new Lifestyle  Program, dedicated to helping you improve you.  To help you in your journey to good health, we are offering programs, classes and services focused on you and your healthier living.

Join our Lifestyle program today! Begin making the right choices for you — and live each day the healthy way.

Appointments available at:
Ludlow Health Center – 802-228-8867
Springfield Health Center – 802-886-8900