Thanks to the team at Connecticut Valley Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, I had tests ordered, surgery performed and physical therapy completed all in time to get me back on the field throwing touchdowns for the Cosmos this season. If you need orthopaedic care, their team is here for you.  – Sam Presch, Springfield, VT


Shocked by a healthcare crisis, and comforted knowing Springfield Hospital was minutes away, I found the skill and professionalism of the Emergency team to be remarkable. Their kindness and compassion put me at ease, and a follow-up call from Brooke Pringle, PA-C, demonstrated a high level of personal care, assured me all was well, and encouraged me to keep my travel plans to enjoy some sun, sand and smiles at the beach. – Kathy Ravlin, Springfield, VT


Frank Amatto

Over an eight-week period, a medical condition required daily visits to Springfield Hospital for an antibiotic infusion. I experienced, first hand, the dedication and commitment to excellence by Springfield Hospital staff. Enthusiastic, smiling outpatient admitting clerks greeted me. Lindsay, Kristin and Carmen were warm, caring and genuinely interested in the wellbeing of their patients. Those ladies rock!

Each weekday, I would visit the Infusion Suite where Sue, Chivonne and Lindsey masterfully looked after me. They did everything in their power to make each and every day pleasant. In my opinion, their skills are world class. On weekends, I visited the Emergency Room, where it was a pleasure to meet a terrific nurse. Bill really stood out, making me feel comfortable and at ease during each visit.

It is reassuring to know that such great, caring medical professionals are only one town away. Thanks for making a long journey much more manageable. – Frank Amato, Charlestown, NH

Older Man

Not knowing the cause of my sudden pain was frightening. Dr. Berman carefully explained its source, and put my mind at ease. Soon, I was back home, enjoying my woodworking shop, and feeling just fine! – George Noor, Springfield, VT

Woman holding flowers

When my hip pain began impacting my life, and I could no longer do the things I enjoy, I realized enough is enough and called Connecticut Valley Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. After computer-assisted hip surgery, I was pain-free! – Karen Harrison, Rutland, VT

David Green: “My left side was paralyzed. Within 12-14 hours, I was walking and talking again.”


Betsy Foster: “Being listened to that first time felt like someone truly was listening even beyond what I was able to say.”


Sophia Green: “I was taken well care of, they did what they were supposed to do. I would recommend Springfield Hospital.”


100 Years of Caring Radio Spot


PATIENT EXPERIENCE is a top priority at SMCS. This video summarizes our philosphy to patient care and the culture at SMCS.