Gynecology Services

Happy Grandmother with her granddaughter working in the garden

We provide women’s gynecology services for health care at every stage of life, from adolescence through your later years. Whether you visit us for your first check-up or while you are enjoying your first grandchild, we understand your special needs as a woman and strive to provide you the highest quality health care available.

Charlestown Health Center
250  CEDA Road
Charlestown, NH

Springfield Health Center
100 River Street
Springfield, VT

Medical Care Providers
Michael E. Ritondo, MD, FACOG
Richard C. Summermatter, MD, FACOG,
Jennifer Michalke, WHNP
Kara Pitt, MD, FACOG

In the event of an emergency, please report to the nearest emergency department.

Emergency Transport – Call 9-1-1