When You Need Non-Emergency Health & Wellness Services and You Need a Ride…  Ask About HealthTransit.

Public Bus System

The Current bus system, based in Bellows Falls, VT, runs daily throughout the area. The local bus schedule is included in this brochure. Special arrangements for rides can be made for qualifying individuals only, with two business days notice. Call The Current office staff at 802-460-1195, or toll-free 1-888-869-6287 to see if you qualify.

Other Available Transportation Services

The SMCS Care Coordinators in each of our Community Health Center locations and our Community Health Team members can assist those in need by arranging transportation with other transportation services in the area, or providing financial assistance for transportation needs. Ask your Care Coordinator or your primary care office staff for details on the Health Transit program, or contact the Community Health Team at 802-885-7604 for assistance arranging HealthTransit services.

How to Locate Available Transportation

1. Search available bus options.
2. Ask family and/or friends if they can assist.
3. Check taxi services or other available public or private services.
4. Inquire with Care Coordinators about HealthTransit.
5. Contact the Community Health Team for assistance.


Contact Your Local Care Coordinator:
Charlestown Health Center
125 Main Street, Charlestown, NH
Patty Fuller, RN, MSN

Springfield Health Center
100 River Street, Springfield, VT
Jen Tier, LPN
Care Coordinator

Meredith Tips-Maclaine, RN
Care Coordinator – Family Medicine

Susan Norton-Weber, LPN
Care Coordinator – Internal Medicine

Stephanie Smith, LPN
Care Coordinator-Pediatrics
802-886-8959, ext. 1713

Rockingham Health Center
1 Hospital Court, Bellows Falls, VT
Scott Belt

Medication Assisted Treatment
Rockingham Health Center
1 Hospital Court, Bellows Falls, VT
Brok Sherwood, RN

Lifestyle Medicine Program
Springfield Health Center
Ludlow Health Center
802-886-8959, ext. 1602

Mountain Valley Health Center
38 VT Route 11
Londonderry, VT

Contact the SMCS Community Health Team